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  • Pho Pronunciation: You Can Say It, Pronounce Pho, Say: Phở . . .
    Note: the Wikipedia pronunciation is from a Southern Vietnamese speaker, whereas my pronunciation has both Southern and Northern accents, with probably a 40-60% (South-North) influence Also I deliberately accentuate to demonstrate the different sounds that exist in the word Both are phonetically correct and legitimate pronunciation of the word phở
  • Pho Pronunciation - How to Order Pho in Vietnamese . . .
    Updated 04-02-14 Per a request from Barb Carter over at the "Tips on Ordering Pho" post, here are audio files to help with your pho ordering in Vietnamese language The selection is based on a typical pho menu one may find at many Viet restaurants So drop me a note in the comment if I missed anything and I'll add it
  • Vietnamese Pho Recipe: Beef Noodle Soup • Steamy Kitchen . . .
    Pho Condiments Pho-tastic condiments! On the tables of every Pho restaurant, you’ll see these two condiments, Sriracha hot chili sauc) and Hoisin Sauce
  • Wiktionary:Beer parlour 2013 December - Wiktionary
    Middle Chinese: ·For the purpose of Wiktionary, I think transliterations should be orthographic Phonetic transliterations can definitely be useful, but as a pronunciation aid We don't need pronunciation aids on Wiktionary, or at least we don't need them for non-Latin script languages alone Latin-script languages would benefit just as much from such

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