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  • Pho Pronunciation: You Can Say It, Pronounce Pho, Say: Phở . . .
    Note: the Wikipedia pronunciation is from a Southern Vietnamese speaker, whereas my pronunciation has both Southern and Northern accents, with probably a 40-60% (South-North) influence Also I deliberately accentuate to demonstrate the different sounds that exist in the word Both are phonetically correct and legitimate pronunciation of the word phở
  • How To Pronounce Pho - YouTube
    This video shows you how to say pho Learn the correct American English pronunciation of the Vietnamese beef and noodle soup Learn the correct American English pronunciation of the Vietnamese beef and noodle soup
  • How to pronounce Pho: HowToPronounce. com
    How do you say Pho in English? Pronunciation of Pho found 3 audio voices, 1 Meaning and 5 Sentences for Pho
  • How to Pronounce Pho Correctly Without Sounding Like an . . .
    If you haven’t had pho before, try it But not before you learn how to say it correctly My first goal here is to provide a little context and a lot of love for this treasured noodle dish, and to prevent any further butchering of its pronunciation My second goal is to save you from future embarrassment Proper pronunciation is one of the most important tactics to sound like you know what you're talking about when ordering takeout or trying to impress your foodie friends
  • How to pronounce Pho ga: HowToPronounce. com
    Pho ga meaning not found If you know the Meaning of this word, share it
  • Heres Why Pho Is Really Pronounced Fuh | HuffPost
    Some people believe the Vietnamese adapted this French dish under colonial rule, and that the word -- and pronunciation of -- pho comes from the word feu Still others believe the word comes from the Chinese word for rice noodles: fen
  • How do you pronounce the Vietnamese soup noodle dish, pho?
    Phở is the best-known traditional food, which foreigners most think about of Vietnamese cuisine The consonant Ph and the vowel ơ is pretty similar to English You just pronounce as fə and that will be it The hard one is the tone called the asking tone (the mark on top of the vowel “ơ”) If you know a little bit Chinese or Thai, you may have no struggle with it But if you don’t, check out this video
  • Pho Pronunciation - How to Order Pho in Vietnamese . . .
    Updated 04-02-14 Per a request from Barb Carter over at the "Tips on Ordering Pho" post, here are audio files to help with your pho ordering in Vietnamese language The selection is based on a typical pho menu one may find at many Viet restaurants So drop me a note in the comment if I missed anything and I'll add it

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