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  • Get a Chinese Name - On-line Chinese Tools
    Get your own Chinese name based on your English name Provides a pronounciation guide and meaning of the name and your Chinese astrological sign
  • On-line Chinese Tools
    Java and CGI tools to help people learn and use Chinese
  • How to find a suitable Chinese name | Hacking Chinese
    People who know nothing about Chinese sometimes ask me how to write their names in Chinese characters The answer is that you can’t What you can do is find a good Chinese name for yourself or choose characters that are read in a way similar to the name you want to write Chinese has very few
  • Chinese Cooking Tools - The Woks of Life
    Hi everyone, Sarah here Welcome to our Chinese Cooking Tools page! We use these things in our kitchen every day That said, you don't absolutely need any of these items to cook from our blog
  • Learn Chinese - Chinese Lessons With Kids Chinese Podcast
    Chinese Lessons with Kids Chinese Podcast are designed for kids, teenagers and adults to learn Mandarin Chinese in a natural way and achieve the best results
  • Best Chinese Websites
    A website dedicated solely for learning Chinese This site ALL IN SIMPLIFIED CHINESE This site ALL IN TRADITIONAL CHINESE Should I learn Mandarin or Cantonese?
  • Chinese Lesson 1: Self Introduction - Kids Chinese Podcast
    Learn how to make a self introduction We also learn the first Pinyin, four tones, some words and expressions in Mandarin Chinese You can start learning
  • Rachels Pages | East Asia: China, Taiwan, Japan, etc.
    Contents of this page: Why East Asia? How I got into East Asian studies Thoughts about Taiwan What? You mean it isn't Thailand? Languages All about the Chinese languages Teaching English here EFL in Taiwan News Where to get the lowdown on East Asian happenings Texts Philosophy, religion, etc Art Guo Xi, Fan Kuan, Hiroshige -- what's not to like?

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