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  • ESTEC About Us ESA
    Countdown to Sunday’s Netherlands Open Day 03 October 2017 This Sunday is when ESA opens the doors of its largest establishment, letting visitors meet astronauts
  • ESTEC: European Space Research and Technology Centre . . .
    ESA has sites in several European countries, but the European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, is the largest ESTEC is our
  • ESA Science Technology: Cassini-Huygens
    The Cassini-Huygens mission is a NASA ESA ASI mission to explore the Saturnian system The ESA component consists largely of the Huygens probe, which entered the
  • ESA Science Technology: Euclid
    Euclid is an ESA mission to map the geometry of the dark Universe The mission will investigate the distance-redshift relationship and the evolution of cosmic
  • European Space Agency - Wikipedia
    The European Space Agency (ESA; French: Agence spatiale européenne, ASE; German: Europäische Weltraumorganisation) is an intergovernmental organisation of 22 member
  • ESA - Robotic Exploration of Mars
    Final two ExoMars landing sites chosen 28 March 2017 Two ancient sites on Mars that hosted an abundance of water in the planet's early history have been recommended
  • Tim Peakes Principia blog
    Posted on June 23, 2016 by julien First interview back on Earth This interview with ESA astronaut Tim Peake was recorded in Cologne, Germany, one day after his
  • Rosetta (spacecraft) - Wikipedia
    Rosetta was a space probe built by the European Space Agency launched on 2 March 2004 Along with Philae, its lander module, Rosetta performed a detailed study of

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